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Winner - San Diego Book Award

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  • "Only someone who has actually served as a wartime diplomat in northern Afghanistan could craft a novel as heartbreaking, real and compelling as Patricia McArdle’s Farishta."

    - Bookpage

  • "Farishta is that rare novel that I sacrifice precious hours of sleep for. Its protagonist is an endearing woman whom I bonded with deeply, and the plot engaged me from the book’s opening paragraphs all the way to the bittersweet end."

    - One Quiet Voice

  • "...the point “Farishta” ultimately makes is well taken: Afghanistan, as welcoming as it is hostile, has proved to be far more complex than we outsiders ever imagined."

    - The Washington Post

  • "A compelling and readable book about the challenges faced by soldiers and civilians stationed in Afghanistan."

    - The Huffington Post

  • "Combining the emotional insight of Three Cups of Tea with the narrative intensity of a Jason Bourne story, Farishta is the gripping story of a female US diplomat living and working in Afghanistan."

    - Valerie Plame Wilson, author of the New York Times-bestselling Fair Game

  • "McArdle accurately portrays life in the northern regions of Afghanistan…. Farishta is an outstanding read!"

    - Deborah Rodriguez, author of the New York Times-bestselling Kabul Beauty School and A Cup of Friendship

  • "A quietly devastating novel about an American trying to do good in a foreign land…. Based on her experiences as a Foreign Service officer in Afghanistan, McArdle writes insightfully about the quagmire in that country and the human cost of war."

    - Publishers Weekly

  • "McArdle…provides unexpected plot twists in this first novel notable for its informed view of modern Afghanistan and its affecting story of one woman making a difference."

    - Booklist

  • "Farishta uses fiction to untangle the immense complexities of Afghanistan ... and sheds light on how difficult it can be to achieve progress.

    - The Daily

  • "Farishta drew me in from the first sentence and held my attention until the last… I would without reservation recommend Farishta to all readers and book discussion groups."

    - Rundpinne